abortion has already been Aborted

During junior high I used to have auditory hallucinations that made me hear the screams of aborted fetuses.

What did these screams sound like? At the time I would’ve only been able to say they were painful to listen to, but after growing up and conquering the screams, I can absolutely say the screams are much more than pain.

So, again, what did the screams sound like? Well, half a year ago there was a span of about a month where I’d improvise at the piano and things didn’t sound the same. My ear had become numb to tone and musical notes started to sound like sterilized mathematical frequencies instead. I would become full of rage and hopelessness as I pounded away at the piano; I started doing turbulent, frantic improvisations in hopes that, by grace of probability, at least one note would slip through unsterilized and I’d be reacquainted with the holy warmth of music once again. But that merciful holy note never arrived for me during that month. But now, when I listen to my recordings from that time, the turbulent piano sounds beautiful to me no matter what.

And that is what those screams sounded like.

So how did I ever master the screams back in junior high? I first had to master the rage and hopelessness that got sucked into my heart when I heard those screams.

My rage was never directed at women who had abortions. Instead, it was directed at Satan for being out there, somewhere, convincing so many women that abortion was their only option. It also pissed me off that since 1973, one out of every three potential African-Americans in this country have been aborted. Despite this awful fact, liberals still always contended that they were all so open-minded and progressive while conservatives were all racist. It drove me crazy.

So, again, how did I master the screams back in junior high?  I realized that abortion comes down to two primary things: self-rejection and rejection of a gift from God. In that respect, it is no different than any other sin or act of human frailty. Then I realized that just because a person might reject love does not mean that love does not get to light up the world.

Even if a person rejects their child and the child never gets to see the light of day, the child gets to light up our day anyway.

After I had this series of realizations, the screams transformed into color and music. The color and music that I now hear expresses the explosion of individuality within every abortion. And remember, explosion is by far the most efficient form of creation.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the Big Bang.

Suddenly, I had peace.

I encourage everyone to hear the angelic voices of aborted children in the wind, in the ruckus found on crowded city streets, and in all chaotic harmony of this magnificent planet and universe. There might be no systematic end to abortion in sight, but the eternal end of abortion can be heard through the music of life. I was lucky enough to get a chance to live and spread light, and for that, I have peace and company from the unborn. But they spread light better than I can even dream.

Cover Letter

I am a professional and technical writing major at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. I am a junior. I attended Robert Morris university my first two years.

During the summer I live in Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania, and I am working to get an internship with the Altoona Mirror.

I am extremely committed to improving my writing and I try to make everything I write perfect as possible before I’m happy with it. For instance, I do a lot of creative writing (mostly novels and poetry). I finished my first book during my second year of college, and am working on my second one now. However I haven’t sent my first book anywhere yet in hopes of publication, and I don’t plan to until after I finish my third book. Not until then will I be ready to revisit my first book and revise it with the new knowledge I’ve gained through experience (and what I’ve learned in college). The lack of trying to shop around my first novel also meant that once I finished it I went straight to my second novel. I’m always trying to write new things rather than get harped on past assignments.

I play several instruments and try to watch a few classic movies a week and am always listening to new albums. The passion I have for music and art I best express through writing, which is why I hope to have a job writing about the arts one day. I also am obsessed with football so, despite being such a different field, I’d also love to do sports writing or coverage. I have scouting experience with the Altoona Curve minor league baseball team. It was a very helpful experience for me. It made me focus my sports writing on game film rather than sensationalism.




This proposal is asking UPJ for a scholarship to increase research in green energy. It could be done by next semester. We wish to get a new class added based on effective green energy. We also will have a club in which students can join and compete in green energy competitions. This class and club will bring good publicity to UPJ. It will also provide students an opportunity to do research in a new and growing field. 

Summary of the problem

Today technology is always increasing and trying to find more efficient ways to use energy. As a school leading in the engineering field we should be striving towards more effective green energy technologies. As of now, there are no classes dedicated to the use of green energy. If UPJ wants to expand their success they need to get ahead of other schools in this field.

Detailed plan

We will open a class and accompanying club dedicated to research and use of green energy. The class will be directed towards engineering students. It can be taught by a current teacher at UPJ, but if necessary may require a new staff member  This class could be held in one of the labs UPJ already has and would only require money toward supplies. We plan for the accompanying club to be open to any students interested in green energy advancements. This club also will provide a way to increase the school’s publicity. Since there are competitions  held for new efficient green energy ideas, the club could compete and bring fame to the program with each victory. Our plan is to first get the class added to the current available classes at UPJ and then find students from the class to start the club and bring in other interested students.

Required personnel

This program would require a teacher for the class, whether current or new. Someone would also need to be in charge of the funds allotted to the club. Once students get involved the club can be self-run. A president, secretary, and treasurer can be students. Ultimately, the class will only need a teacher and students. 

Anticipated cost

The anticipated cost would only need to cover the supplies for the new research class. A starting allotment of money can be made to the club and fundraising should cover the rest. Also, if a new teacher is required then there will be an extra salary.


The timeline depends on a few factors. The first being the amount of time it would take to get the new class approved. The second being how long it takes to get enough interest in the club to get it up and running on its own. If possible the class could be approved for the fall semester. Once the class is running teachers can ask students interested if they would be interested in joining the club. Once the club and class have a consistent amount of students it will catch on and new incoming students can keep it running. 

Press Release



Contact: For more information about David Bowie’s new album, please contact: Joseph Gattuso

Tel: 814-937-4096, E: Jeg115@pitt.edu

Columbia Records is releasing “The Next Day” by David Bowie in early March.

David Bowie, one of the most iconic and influential musicians of the last century, is releasing a new album on March 12th, his first album in nearly decade. This album will be the only chance the public has to hear David Bowie because he is not touring and has even ruled out ever giving an interview again.

All Bowie wants to do is make records.

 “David is the kind of artist who writes and performs when he has something to say, not something to sell,” his producer Tony Visconti recently said. After ten years, David Bowie has something to say.

David Bowie released a new single on January 8th 2013, his 66th birthday. It is titled “Where are We Now?” and topped the UK singles chart at No.6 within hours of release. This is an example of what’s more to come with his new album, and a testament of his still substantial and avid following.

“The Next Day” will be released in Australia on March 8th, on March 12th in America, and on March 11th in the rest of the world. It will include 14 tracks and three bonus tracks. 

Cracked.com Review

Cracked.com is a comedy website featuring list-based articles. The primary audience of Cracked is age 18-30 and male. The purpose is to entertain the readers while also teaching them interesting things that often clash with their preconceived notions, and to occasionally share some wisdom. For a comedy website to succeed it needs to give people a new way of looking at things, have funny material, and be interactive with the audience.


The brightest aspect of Cracked is the content. What makes the content stand out is that not only is it funny, but it also is very informative. Not informative in a boring academic way, but informative in an interesting, sometimes provocative way. Cracked often teaches the reader things that are the complete opposite of what they previously thought. Cracked relishes on shattering what was previously thought to be “common knowledge.” For example, most people think of the Indians that lived in America before the pilgrims as being primitive. However a recent Cracked article uncovered that actually, the pilgrims were in awe of the hygiene of the Indians while the Indians were similarly in awe of how filthy and smelly the pilgrims were.

Though if the reader only wants interesting facts then there are millions of other websites they could go to, or they could just read books. What makes Cracked stand out is not only the content, but the way it is expressed with lots of humor and wit. In the article I referenced about the Indians, the writer of the article also mentioned how the Indians created a huge pyramid out of colorful soil that is much bigger than the pyramids in Egypt. The writer points out that while Egypt knows to revere one of the eight wonders of the world, America appears to be trying to make their own wonder into a parking lot.

The heartbeat of Cracked, despite all the wonderful articles, might actually be the comment sections of the articles. Every article has a comment section where readers can give feedback and get a bit weird, too. The comment sections get so much traffic and attention that it seems like an algorithm of different personalities and quirky comments, like a civilization left unwatched for a decade and becoming unrecognizable. Readers can engage with the articles. This adds much enthusiasm to come back for more. Some of the writers even respond to comments. Cracked also has a forum where members can discuss anything that is on their mind. This sense of community assures that Cracked will never just disappear one day, as there’d be people looking for it.

Cracked focuses first on delivering a great product, and then expertly expresses it in an enjoyable, non-intimidating way. Most of the articles reach over a million views. There aren’t any other websites quite like Cracked today, but it will surely inspire many copycats.

Profile of an Artist

Regan Elysabeth-Rayne is 19 years old and the most talented artist I know. Every time I think about her, I realize it makes no sense that I ever met her. Last March I got a text message from an unknown number. It was her trying to text a friend, but she got one digit in the area code wrong so she texted me instead. And that is how I met Regan, despite her living in New Jersey. I am doing a profile on her because we are working on a poetry book together, with her doing drawings to go hand-in-hand with the poems.

She was born in Ireland but moved to America before she was old enough to remember anything. While growing up, Regan’s stepmother treated her terribly and her dad lost any right he had to call himself a man as he allowed that to happen. Around age 13, Regan entered a relationship with a much older guy and it quickly became abusive both physically and emotionally, but her “parents” saw nothing wrong with it. They didn’t really care about her, or having anything to do with her. This all culminated during Regan’s first semester at West Virginia when she was raped.

She knew both of the guys who did it. The first was her tutor. He drugged her and stole some of her things and took her to his apartment. When he was done with her he dumped her naked onto the street. When Regan woke up she called her friend because she didn’t have her keys. She figured she’d spend the night at his house then he’d drive her to the police station in the morning. But then he basically did the same thing.

There was a miscommunication between the detective and the police that searched the apartments. There was no warrant presented when the evidence was found. Despite finding her clothes and keys, none of it was admissible in court.

Regan called her dad and he hung up on her. He said she disgraced the family name.

It would be easy for her to wallow in pity after such a horrible thing. But Regan decided she can’t change what happened to her so she might as well just be open about it. The way she sees it, she lost her family and fiancé because of how depressed she was.

Things are looking up for Regan now though. She’s getting married and she takes comfort knowing that her parents aren’t going to see their little girl on the happiest day of her life.

In Regan’s final reflection on what happened, she said she only went to the police to protect other people. She says she wouldn’t have gone to the police if she had known they had truly changed. She did it because she didn’t want other girls to suffer the same way she did.

I found it very interesting how she was willing to give the actual men who raped her forgiveness, but didn’t reserve any forgiveness for her parents. Regan uses art to find justice in her soul, which can be as simple as expressing yourself with the honesty that people deserve. The strife that Regan’s gone through adds a new dimension to her art.